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    We are so sorry the product didn't work out for you, but at Home So, we value each of our customers, and we promise we will make it right for you!

    For us to help you, could you review these questions:


    1) A few days after your purchase, we sent an installation guide with some extra tips for successfully mounting the product. Did you check it out?
    If you haven't read it yet, make sure to closely follow the instructions when installing the product.


    2) If you followed the instructions and it is still falling off, maybe the surface you tried to apply the product on was incorrect. As a reminder, this product will only work on SMOOTH and NON-POROUS surfaces such as glass, mirrors, porcelain tiles, etc.

    Some surfaces appear to be smooth and non-porous but are actually slightly granular on the microscopic level, and they will let the air escape from the suction vacuum. For example, ceramic tiles are actually partly made of clay and are therefore porous.

    Therefore, could you run an experiment? Please try to attach the product to a smooth MIRROR:

    - If it stays on, then it means the surface you previously used was porous or uneven. You would have to choose another location in this case.

    - If it still falls off, then it means the product might have a little defect. In this case, please review the next questions.


    3) Could you check the black rubber base to see if there is any little extra piece of rubber protruding? 

    protruding rubber fix 


    4) Finally, you can try to apply a little bit of water or Vaseline to the suction cup. This might help to seal the vacuum better if your surface wasn’t totally adequate.


    If it still doesn't work, we will be happy to issue you a full refund. Please contact us at homeso.help@gmail.com


    Home So Customer Service Team